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Ushagram Girls' High School

Among the pioneer Missionaries those early days were Mr. & Mrs. W.P.Byres. They were the first Methodist Missionaries in Asasnol, it the state of West Bengal. Mr. W.P.Byres bought 35 bighas of land along Grand Trunk Road, 136 miles of Calcutta in 1904. This land was bought from Sri Jugal Kishore Deo Singh for Rs 450.00.

In the same year famine broke out in Orissa, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. About 30 famine stricken boys and girls were brought here. A Primary School was started for them. Thatched roof and mud houses were put on to accommodate these students as well as poor and under privileged children from nearby villages.

This was the First Girls' School in Asansol Sub-Division. Under the able leadership of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Williams, this institution's fame went far and near.This was recognized as one of the Progressive Schools not only in India but in the world. The school was greatly honoured by the visit of Mahatma Gandhi's Personal Secretary Twice and Rabindra Nath Tagore's interest in the institution. A few teachers went to santiniketan to give demonstration lessons. The Dance teacher Mr. Baman Das was appointed to Santiniketan.

The most inexpensive Septic Tank was invented by the Williams. This draw attention of people from many parts of India.

Boys' and Girls' separate school and residential quarters were build by the students themselves. “Grow more food†programme was extensive. Painting, Dancing, Music, Weaving, Printing, Carpentry and Home Science classes were very prominent.

In this time the name of the school was changed from Asha Bari to Ushagram (Village to Dawn). In 1939 the school was recognized as High School.

The Principals were Miss Carpenter, Miss I.D.Collins (Now in U.S.A) Mrs Fred Williams. The first India principal was Miss Harshbala Biswas. Since then all the principals have been Indian.

The 2nd World War broke out in 1939, Millitary took possession of our property. The school was evacuated to Pakur, the state of Bihar. When returned to Ushagram(Asansol) in 1944, it was like a desert, It took many years struggle to establish an organized School again. The present roll strength is 1500. There is a big Hotel with 200 boarders. The mud built houses have been replaced by brick buildings. Three Department Heads are working sincerely for mental, physical and spiritual growth of the students.

We continue to care for the poor, the parentless, the unlovable. It is our sincere desire to educate and help to build characters so that our students may take responsible place in the society wherever they may be placed in future. For this cause we plan to build up an Endowment Fund amounting Rupees five lacs. It is our prayer that God will provide it through many compassionate persons.